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Clear Sticky Discs - 120 per pack, 25mm diameter sticky tape seals

  • Ready cut circles of sticky tape 
  • ASTM and CE Certified 
  • Neat finish and no waste 
  • Easy to used, and no need for scissors
  • A perfect alternative to tape

No need to search for scissors or tear tape with your teeth again!

Sticky Discs are neat, ready to use circular pieces of tape, which will help you not only get the job done in no time at all but gifts will look beautifully finished. Simply peel and stick.

These amazing discs can also be used for many other jobs such as sealing envelopes, gift bags and boxes as well as for attaching cards and gift tags to presents. Sticky Discs are also ideal for re-sealing opened food packages, helping to keep contents fresh and avoiding messy spills.

Sticky Discs contain 120 clear 25mm sticky discs.