The Bugo Tape (Hard Floor)

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The Bugo Tape is a safe, cost efficient, easy to use, effective floor application that protects people from bed bugs.

For use with platform or sleigh beds, this 10 meter roll has enough to comfortably surround a king size bed.

  • Safe & Easy to Apply
  • Lasts up to 8 weeks
  • Visually Discreet

The Bugo Tape is a simple to use device which sticks to the floor around the bottom of the bed leg. It is virtually invisible, discreet to view and acts as a barrier and detector to stop bed bugs from getting into your bed and informing you of any issue of insect infection. An innovation in bed bug and insect bite prevention.

The Bugo Tape lasts up to 8 weeks, is virtually invisible and acts as a barrier against bed bugs and as a detector to infestations – allowing you to protect you, your family and guests against these critters.

Just roll The Bugo Tape on the floor around the bottom of the bed to prevent these unwanted crawling insects from getting to you, your mattress and sheets, or in any other crook and cranny’s in your bed.

Bed bugs live in homes, hotels, cinemas, caravans and offices. They are great hitchhikers and are well known to travel back in suitcases or clothes. The Bugo range is designed to be used in any location, so use The Bugo home and away to detect or stop the spread of bed bugs.

Stop bed bugs – find out more about how it works here.

Watch a video about bed bugs and The Bugo here.

Choose the right floor application when ordering:

- Hard floor application for wood, slate, tile etc.

- Soft floor application for carpets, rugs etc.

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