About us

Calling all creative souls! Makers of craft, gifts, greeting cards and masters of DIY projects - we have all the adhesives you need to hand make your inspired creations here at allthingssticky.

Whether you need to stick wobbly eyes on a card, put the finishing touches to a handmade wedding favours, manage a school project, create a personalised photo album or even hang a mirror – we have it all here! Have a look through our U-Craft, U-Glue and U-Fix range to find what you need.

We created allthingssticky because word got around that our products are so great and people wanted to buy a selection of our range directly, here and now online. We are part of the Fantastak Group and have been producing sticky things since 1999. Based in Bradford, England, we deliver all over the world.

Another of our sticky items is The Bugo - an easy to use adhesive that will protect you from bed bugs. This very new item is an ingenious preventative device that will save hours of the distress and costs associated with a bed bug infestation.

If you need any help choosing your items or can't see what you are after, please contact us and we will try to help.