SDR Glue Dot Rolls (For use with SuperDot Roller Gun) - 1500 dots per roll

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  • 6 standard grades of glue dots: easy tak, easy-mid tak, mid tak, ultra tak, vertical-hold and removable vertical-hold
  • Bespoke grades available, from fully peelable glue dots  to high-shear permanent glue dots
  • 1500 dots per roll
  • For use with the SuperDot Roller

Fantastak SuperDot glue dots are used by various industries – such as print finishers, contract packers, direct mail companies, packaging businesses and product assembly firms.

As glue dots, they can be used for attaching items such as CDs and free samples to magazines, packaging and other promotional literature. And since SuperDot’s bond is instant, productivity goes up while the cost of labour comes down – and there’s no need for expensive hot-melt glue machinery.


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