SuperDots Glue Dots (10mm) - 2000 dot roll

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  • 6 standard grades of glue dots: easy tak, easy-mid tak, mid tak, ultra tak, vertical-hold and removable vertical-hold
  • Glue dot size approx 10mm
  • 2000 x dots per roll
  • stand and single dot isolator kit available

Europe’s market-leading glue dots, SuperDots conform to FDA food approval 175.105 (suitable for indirect food contact, subject to limitations). They comply with Reach Regulation 1907/2006, and are manufactured to ISO standards.

Glue dots can be used for attaching items such as CDs and free samples to magazines, packaging and other promotional literature. And since SuperDot’s bond is instant, productivity goes up while the cost of labour comes down – and there’s no need for expensive hot-melt glue machinery.

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