SuperEco Discs (Paper Discs) 25mm

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Fully recyclable translucent paper sticky discs.

Ideal for the following applications:

•    Gift bag closures

•    Securing bellybands on retail products

•    Cello bag closures

•    Retail wrapping

•    Closures on food boxes, e.g. cakes, sandwiches, fresh produce etc.

•    Seal close boxes for applications such as cosmetics...

Our Paper discs now available in full range of sizes are FSC approved, 100% recyclable & biodegradable and made only from ECF & TCF pulp. Suitable for laminated products they are a great alternative to plastic films and foils. With a transparent finish they are a modern and innovative choice for a whole range of packaging, sealing and adhesive solutions.

Eliminating the need for consumers to separate out packaging any more with these discs, all materials can be put in the recycle bins along with card, paper etc. News of climate changes and fears over the future of the environment we feel swapping to paper disc can be a small change to give you and your customers a better peace of mind.

Available on rolls of 2000, discs are 25mm in width.

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