Sticky Dots Peelable - 3 pack Bundle

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  • Clear Adhesive, approx 10mm diameter
  • Acid & Lignin FREE
  • CE Certified
  • Removable & permanent grades
  • Easy to use
  • Individually perforated

Sticky Dots are individually formed adhesive glue dots which are perfect for many creative hobbies and arts and crafts projects as well as many applications around the home, office or school. Sticky Dots are a great, safe alternative to many traditional products such as wet glues, hot melt glue guns and adhesive sprays making them a great choice for adults and children.

Sticky Dots are available in both permanent and removable adhesives grades and are ideal for the craft or stationery cupboard at school or at the office.

Great for posters, banners, decorations and card making.

Each of the 3 packs contain 64 Peelable Dots, 192 dots in total

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