Are Antibacterial Wipes Effective Against Viruses?

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From All Things Sticky to All Things Antiviral, we have a range of AntiViral products including Antiviral wipes that are guaranteed to keep your surroundings clean and safe. Below is what you need to look out for to make sure your surroundings are virus-free after cleaning and why some Antibacterial wipes won’t be killing all the viruses on our surfaces. You can also find out which wipes you should be using and when!



Do Antibacterial wipes kill viruses?


The real honest answer is that it’s a little bit more complicated as to whether they do or don’t. Not all Antibacterial wipes can kill viruses like Antibiotics can’t kill viruses, only bacteria. The chemicals on some Antibacterial wipes do not kill viruses and there is no evidence to suggest that they do. 



The good news though is that the labels on the majority of wipes you buy should include this information, so you know that you are getting rid of all those harmful nasties in a few easy swipes. The label should say ‘Antiviral’, or 'Disinfectant' not just ‘Antibacterial’ if they get rid of Viruses too. 



And another bit of good news is that our wipes kill both Bacteria and Viruses! Our wipes are both Antibacterial and Antiviral, ensuring you get rid of all those nasties around your house, workplace and anywhere else you can think of!



The most effective way to use Antiviral wipes



To make sure you’re killing all those nasty virus molecules below is the best technique to use to get the most out of your wipes.



1. Make sure you use a new wipe for each new surface you clean.



2. Is the surface heavily soiled? If so, we always recommend washing a dirty surface down with hot, soapy water before using wipes to ensure that the extra dirt and debris is not acting as a barrier stopping the disinfectant from reaching the germs.



3. Wipe your surface, not going over the same patches more than once.



4. Allow the moisture to stay on the surface for the amount of time it states on the packaging. If it doesn't state it on the packaging then allow the moisture to dry completely so the chemicals have time to work against the bacteria. But if you're using our Antiviral wipes they will kill Bacteria in just 30 seconds.



Tip: The longer you leave the Antibacterial solution on the surface the better!



Which wipes should you use and when?

Multipurpose - when the cleaning needs to be purely for tasks like dusting or wiping down surfaces after spillages when you don't want to leave harsh chemicals behind e.g children's toys.



Antibacterial / Antiviral - When surfaces need to be cleaned free from Bacteria and Viruses, e.g kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces etc.



Benefits of using our Wipes

-Our wipes fight against Coronavirus, MRSA & E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter



-Two-in-one cleans and disinfects



-Contains no Quats



-No Chlorines or Alcohol



-No rinse necessary



-Suitable for all hard surfaces



Below you can read what the actual difference between Viruses and Bacteria is if you want to get a little bit more scientific. 

What’s the difference between Viruses and Bacteria? 

Bacteria are living cells that can live inside or outside the body. Viruses however are a group of non-living molecules that need a host to survive, that’s the main difference. They cannot survive without a host. Viruses are considered a lot more dangerous than bacteria as less than 1% of bacteria cause disease as opposed to most Viruses that do cause disease. This is why it’s so important to make sure your wipes are Antiviral! 

Make your home and place of work Bacteria and Virus free with our Antiviral wipes.

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