Wrapping up with our U-Wrap range

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We've teamed up with the lovely Pretty Gifted  

Our U-Wrap range was designed purely for gift wrapping and all the adhesive help you may need to make your gifts look as professional and appealing as possible. When you out so much thought and care into choosing the perfect gift for someone we believe its worth making the extra effort to ensure they look as fabulous when you deliver them!

Now Pretty Gifted offer a personalised wrapping paper service, you can choose everything from your paper colour, font style and colour, you can even add extra icons to your text! All orders currently come with Gift tags and a Gel Pen to finish off the look. We had so much fun designing our paper and with so many options available they're perfect to make those gifts extra special. Visit their website here and see for yourself.

We chose a neon orange design with a star design and a more festive white and gold foil 'Wrap up with Allthingssticky' for a more festive theme - WE LOVE THEM!


Sticky Discs are the ideal companion when it comes to your gift wrapping, available in two sizes of discs (and two rolls sizes 250 or 500 discs) these rolls will keep you going for ages. We have all been there trying to find the end of the sellotape, fiddling around with scissors and wrapping the tape over on itself.... no more with these sticky discs!

Pre cut into discs they peel easily off the liner leaving save you time and keeping your gift looking fab!

You can purchase you discs on rolls of 250 or 500 and with a diameter of either 25mm or 50mm you can swap between the two for larger or smaller gifts. Double up and stick down your gift tags and cards with them too.Click here to shop the full range.

With the festive season round the corner keep tuned for some more gift wrapping hacks and tips using our U-wrap range.

Special thanks to Pretty Gifted (papers kindly gifted) we will be stocking up on some extra special designs very soon!

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