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Halloween is not just for the kids, this year we've been busy creating some fun crafts that you can share at parties and around the home. (we've snuck a few of the kids creations in too don't you worry!)

Lets start things off with our party favourite; Halloween Sweet Wreath.


This one couldn't be more simple to recreate and adds an extra touch at your Halloween party or even to leave on your front door for trick or treaters. Choose any of your favourite pre packet sweets and it'll work a treat!

You Will Need;

Ring Shaped Frame  (We picked up this twig style wreath from a local craft store but there are various types available)

3D Dots

Pipe cleaner/String

There's not much need for a long list of instructions here, Using the 3D Dots stick your sweet packets around the frame covering the backing material. The 3D dots are excellent at this, the slightly thicker dot means they stick to the uneven surface behind much better than a regular glue dot, and the best part? These dots will hold your spooky treats in place until needed when they can be shared out no problems!


Next up is our Halloween Lantern. Ideal for a grown up Halloween look around the house and in your windows. Choose any design you fancy to spook out the neighbours.


You Will need:

Glass jar/Vase/Lantern

Tissue paper

Black paper

PVA Glue



We started this one by ripping our orange tissues paper into strips, laying onto the vase and using our paintbrush, covering with our PVA (we mixed a little water to the PVA for this one).

Complete this step until the whole vase is covered

Leave to dry completely

Next up choose your stencil design. We had a quick look an the internet for some inspiration. Then cut your pattern out using the black paper.

This is when you can truly appreciate our favourite products - Microdots! Using your sheet of microdots, peel back the liner and press your shape onto the adhesive. Peel back and you will see your microdots have covered the entire shape - now stick to the desired place on your lantern.

Microdots are ideal here as they adhere to all the hard to reach delicate cut outs of your stencil.

Pop in a tea light and you're good to go!


We've got a few of the kids creations following on Facebook and Twitter in the coming days so make sure you follow us for all the inspiration this spooky season!

As always we would LOVE to see your Halloween crafting creations so please get in touch with yours, we have some sticky gifts to send out for our favourites simply email them to info@allthingssticky.com or tag us on social media!


Happy Halloween!


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