Festive Christmas Baulble Craft Idea

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We’re stepping into some Christmas crafting this weekend. There are so many great ideas on show now it’s often hard to know where to start. However, as we’re collecting and putting up our tree at home this weekend, we thought what better time than creating our own Christmas baubles.

The options with this craft are endless so we’re just showing a few examples of how we’re adding some handmade sparkle to our tree this year. If you recreate this with your own designs, please tag us or send us a picture, we love seeing how creative you all are!

For this one we got a few supplies from our local craft store, namely the bauble shells, figures, and some artificial snow. Once you have the bauble shell you can get creative with your designs!

To create a mini winter wonderland, we chose these tiny trees to sit in out bauble shells however there was a small issue of securing them! For this we used our 3D Dots, and they worked a charm!

3D dots are a permanent adhesive Glue Dot with a slightly higher profile that regular dots. This thicker shape means they’re ideal for slightly tricker applications such as this. The curve of the bauble shell and the straight edge of the tree base needs a little extra securing, and these did the job perfectly!

Alternatively, they work great in place of Foam Pads in card making and scrapbooking, their clear appearance is ideal on smaller details as they are almost invisible once stuck down.

Once stuck down we added some artificial snow and closed the casing up! Add your string, we chose a brown string for a rustic feel, but you can jazz these up with a glittered ribbon or sequinned trim!

Add to your tree and admire your simple but effective new decoration!


We also filled some with chocolate treats, glitter and even some of the kids’ festive drawings can be stuck inside! The list is endless!

You can have a look at our 3D Dots here, they’re a great staple for any crafter and are incidentally one of our most reached for items. So versatile and super easy to use on all applications.

Don’t forget to send us your bauble crafts!

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