Halloween crafts fit for a scream!

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It's starting to feel a little bit spooky around the office at the moment with Halloween just around the corner. There are so many creepy crafts around we've chosen our favourite two to get you inspired!

All our crafts use our PVA glue this week so make sure you check out our amazing offer this week only - 2 500ml bottles for £5!

Now, no Halloween spook fest would be complete without some slime! This super easy method will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Our slime expert Phoebe is below to show you exactly how to create your own slime at home.

 Now seeing as its Halloween, we've decided to make ours slightly more disgusting than usual. Add in some green food colouring, eyeballs and plastic spiders and you have the perfect witches potion to accompany any party!


Ghostly Ghouls
Next up is our favourite decorative craft of the season, perfect for hanging around the house are these ghostly ghouls!

For this you will need -

Muslin/Cheese Cloth (we ordered ours online)

PVA  Buy here


Tube/Stand/foil (see for stand)

Marker Pen/Googly eyes

To start off partially blow up the balloon, this will make the base for your ghost so the size here is important to how larger you want them to be. We then attached these to a strong cardboard tube with some double sided tape to secure.

Cut out your cheesecloth to the desired size, you can use one sheet per ghost or couple them up for a larger effect.

Dip this fully into your PVA - This is where it gets a little messy! Once full covered open out the cloth and drape over your balloon.

You can now start to see it taking shape. At this point the design is up to you! Either drape the cloth down or like ours add some dimension (arms!) to the sides. We used some plastic bottles and some long glue sticks we had around and propped the cloth over these.

Leave to dry

Once completely dry remove from the tube and pop and peel away the balloon. Yor are now left with your ghostly figure!

The rest is all up to you! We drew on some eyes, threaded string through the top and hung them along with some lights for an extra ghoulish effect - perfect for outside or indoors!

As always let us know if you get involved with our Halloween crafts, we'd love to see your finished designs!

Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

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