Under the Sea!

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We love a craft project here on the blog, but theres nothing better than when we get the little crafters involved on the job! This week we've had Phoebe and Lois helping us out making this masterpiece. Now, we were going to give you instructions and tips on how to recreate this at home but we were pipped to the post by Lois who has given you a complete run down on what to do. Follow these tips below straight from an expert.

Today me and my sister made some jellyfish. We made them by getting a buncase and turning them upside down.

Stick goggle eyes on/draw eyes. We stuck eyes on whatever works for you is fine

Get lots of bright colours of tissue paper, string, glue dots and glue (glue dots aren't bright) 

Turn bun cases the right way up inside stick the glue dots down and continue keep on making them till you've got about 5-6 jellyfish


Get a big piece of cardboard and put it flat on your table

Get your blue fabric and put it on the table

Glue where you want your sea to be and make sure you leave a space for the sand

Stick down the blue strips

Scrunch the yellow tissue paper into balls

Stick the yellow on

Get silver and gold glitter

Sprinkle the silver on the sea (you can never have enough glitter).

Once the jellyfish have dried stick them onto the scene


Our art went really well

By Lois

Aged 8


A HUGE thank you to Lois for helping us out with these instructions, we're thinking we might hire her full time for the blog, what do you think?

This craft was a lot of fun, you can shop the craft here - 

Glue Dots

PVA Glue

So rainy days, school holidays and craft activities covered for another day at least! We would love to see any Jellyfish you make at home or infanct ANY crafts you guys make.

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