3D Dots - 100 x Thick, Permanent Glue Dots on a roll

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Make your designs stand out from the crowd with 3D Glue Dots.




These chunky, permanent 10mm crystal clear glue dots create an instant bond with added lift. Use these 3D dots when you want to add a new dimension to your papercraft designs.

Why Glue Dots?

  • Glue Dots Create an instant bond, creations can be shown off immediately 
  • No heat or special equipment required, unlike using a traditional glue gun
  • Non Spill, so no risk of spilling down your best jeans or on your brand new carpet
  • Acid and lignin free - great for archiving precious photos without them yellowing 
  • No waste, only use the precise amount you need, then pop the rest away for next time
  • Mess free, no glue spreaders and pots to wash up
  • Non-toxic and solvent free

TIP! Create an interesting knobbly texture or 3D details by applying 3D dots and covering them in glitter, sand, flock or whatever takes your fancy.

This box contains100 3D Glue Dots on a roll, each dot is approximately 10mm in diameter and 3mm thick.

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