Handy Rollers - An alternative to Double Sided Tapes

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Our Handy Rollers offer the widest range of Adhesive variations available, they neatly fit into the palm of your hand and offer a safe easy way to apply double sided tape.

All versions are suitable for archival and photographic use and are CE-EN71 approved and tested.

Not sure which one to purchase:

  • Removable - suitable for stick and re-stick applications, offers super removability without staining. Suitable for most arts and crafts applications plus fixing posters to walls or greeting cards to painted walls, doors and windows.
  • Permanent Value - A super long length double sided transfer tape for permanent bonding of most papers and cards a must for scrapbookers and crafters.
  • Permanent Plus - A high performance tape that offers a touch more adhesion that the value product, great for use on difficult papers and boards and perfect for most contract packing applications
  • Super Permanent - Our highest performance double sided transfer tape with an extremely high tack. Capable of bonding textiles, wood, cork, plastics as well as most other common substrates.
  • SuperStrip - So easy to use, this is a double sided filmic tape which has been cut into tiny strips allowing extremely precise and neat application. It's extremely high strength adhesive would be suitable more bonding most difficult substrates and it's neat format makes it the ideal crafters companion.

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