*NEW* HPBT Toffee Tape (3904) 5-Meter Roll

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Introducing Our High Performance Bonding Tape - Your Go-To Solution for Quick and Reliable Bonding!

Are you tired of waiting for adhesives to cure? Do you need a versatile bonding solution that can handle a variety of DIY tasks around your home? Look no further than our HPBT or Toffee Tape as it is commonly called!

What's New? Our latest innovation comes in a convenient 5-meter roll, making it the perfect option for all your home and small DIY projects. Whether you're sticking skirting boards, securing flooring fixtures, tackling small DIY tasks, or any other fixings that demand a long-lasting, high-strength bond, our 5-meter roll is designed to meet your needs.

Our NEW 5 meter roll is now available in three widths, 12mm, 19mm and 24mm. Adhesive is 0.9mm thick roll length is 5 meters.

Key Features:

  • Instant Bond: Say goodbye to waiting for adhesives to dry. Our bonding tape offers an instant, solvent-free bond, saving you time and effort.

  • Temperature Resistant: With a temperature resistance of up to 40 degrees, this tape is perfect for everyday bonding, even in varying environmental conditions.

  • Flexibility: Unlike some adhesives that become rigid, our product remains flexible, ensuring your bonds can withstand movement and stress.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Uses: Our HPBT Toffee Tape is your reliable companion for various applications, including:

  • Decorative Edging: Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your decor, whether it's edging, signs, tiles, boards, trims, or kick plates.

  • Polythene Sheeting: Effortlessly join plastic or polythene sheeting, providing a secure and durable connection.

  • Damp Proof Membranes (DPC's): Keep moisture at bay with our high-performance bonding tape, protecting your structures from the elements.

  • Mounting Lightweight Items: Securely attach lightweight items, such as artwork or small fixtures, without the need for nails or screws.

Please Note: While our HPBT Standard Grade Bonding Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications, it is not recommended for use with plasticised PVC materials.

Upgrade your DIY game with our HPBT Toffee Tape. Experience the convenience of instant bonding, reliability in various applications, and the flexibility you need for long-lasting results. Don't miss out on this essential addition to your toolkit!

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