LeatherPen - Removable Leather Marking Pen - various colours available

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LeatherPens are brightly coloured removable leather marking pens that can be used for batching coding and marking hides, ideal for use with automated leather cutting systems.

LeatherPen is both scratch proof and easy to use:

Directions for use:

1.Depress the nib of the LeatherPen onto a scrap piece of material several times until the ink begins to flow.

2.Draw or write on the leather, you may need to repeat step one to pump more ink into the nib depending on the length of length of the lines you are drawing.

3.Wait for the ink to dry (this can take up to a couple of minutes).

4.When the ink is fully dried it can be removed at any time using a soft cloth or Leatherwipe* (also available)

Use LeatherPens as an alternative to traditional chalks, crayons, tapes and other markers.

Available in Brown, White, Green and Blue

NOTE: Not suitable for Aniline Leathers/Suede 

*Leatherwipes are also available in tubs of 70 wipes, these are great for removing any ghost marks that may remain with certain colour combinations of leather and pen choice as well as general finishing and removal of marks.

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