Feeling the love this Valentines Day!

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This time on the blog we thought we'd share one of our unique products with you all - micro dots! These genius little dots can save a lot of gloopy glue mess and unsightly marks on your craft projects and here's a little valentines craft idea to show you their true amazing-ness!

So for this craft we are truly feeling the love for Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it's nearly here and there's always someone special in life who will appreciate a hand crafted card whether it be your partner, best mate or secret crush! 

Before we get down to the instructions here's what your going to need:

  • assorted card
  • stanley knife
  • gold marker

First up, cut out the tree shape with your Stanley knife. We had a stencil for this or if you're feeling particularly artsy you can create your own! Once this is cut get a square piece of printed paper of card to stick your shape to. This is where you can see how great the micro dots can work for these kind of awkward shapes. The dots come on a sheet and all you need to do is press the shape directly onto the sheet. Press firmly to ensure the dots transfer to the card and slowly peel back the sheet. Now all you need to do is position onto the card and press down, it's as easy as that! No drying time involved and no glue squeezing between your cut out shape!

Next we cut out the two little birds and made a heart from some red card. Using the micro dots again stick these down however you like. (We decorated with the gold marker too but you can use your creative flare on this one!)

Finally using the glue tape roller stick the square to your main card. We placed a line of glue using the roller down all four sides and stuck down, with some pva and craft glue you can get a transfer through the paper which can ruin the design of your crafts, however the roller puts down a thin strip of adhesive giving you the perfect finish.


...and thats it! A super simple but professionally finished design perfect for the special person in your life - Happy Valentines Day!

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