Spring...ing into Spring!

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Goodbye to dark, cold, winter nights and a big hello the brighter evenings, fresh spring flowers and (hopefully) some more sunshine. Its nearly Spring!

Not only does the new season bring some nicer weather it is also a great time to inspire some new craft ideas. Coming up today we have a perfect Mothers Day craft for all those lovely Mums, we will be showcasing some of our great card making products to inspire your creativity!


For this craft you will need the following;

  • Letter Templates (we got these from one of our favourite craft magazines but you can print some great designs off the internet)
  • Foam Pads - Small or large will work for this craft
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Coloured Card
  • Ruler

First things first cut carefully around your lettering. We decided the go with LOVE on ours but you can choose whatever you like here.

Once these are cut, check to see how you would like to space out your design and possibly draw some placement dots so you know where everythings going. The ruler is handy here to make sure you're sticking everything straight! (we have learnt from experience!)

Now for the Foam Pads! These are super easy to use, simply peel off the backing liner and place sticky side down to your object. We stuck them onto our letters first, peeled off the second liner and then stuck them down to the card to ensure our positioning was correct.

The great thing about the foam pads is they come in various sizes, this means even the smallest corners or embellishments can be encorporated into your design. On a simple design like this using the Foam Pads can make a real difference to the finished look compared to using a regular glue.

And its as simple as that! Mums deserve the best and in our book you cant beat a homemade effort that shows them a bit of love (wine, flowers and chocolates never go a miss either).

Click the links to shop any items mentioned and as always we would love to see your final designs.



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