Chinese New Year!

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Craft your way into the Chinese New Year with this great little project, perfect for the kids!

The year of the Rooster begins on Saturday 28th January, marking a new year on the chinese calender. Traditionally families will cleanse the house preparing to make way for incoming good luck and to get rid of any ill fortune. We can't say that this project will help with the cleansing of your house (!?) BUT we have some great tips and tricks to keep it as fun and mess free as possible. To get in the spirit this year have a look at our easy and simple paper dragon craft instructions below!

To begin with you will need:

  • Paper Plates
  • An Old Egg Box
  • Paint
  • Glue Dots
  • Glue Roller
  • Feathers, Googly Eyes and Tissue Paper to decorate








Once you have collected all your supplies, we can begin!

First up, fold one paper plate in half and cut another in half across the middle. Using your glue roller, gule around the edge of your cut out plate and stick it to the top of your folded plate - this will create the mouth and nose of your dragon. These glue rollers are filled with a super tak adhesive so will hold the plates perfecty in place, theres no drying time or waiting around and they are really easy for the kids to use! (available in the smaller glue tape roller shown in orange above and the super roller shown below)









You should now have a puppet like dragon!

Next, we need to paint! Go crazy with some bright colours and dont forget the inside of the mouth. At this point we can also make the eyes, for this you need to cut out two egg parts of your egg box and paint them. Once all your pieces have dried you can stick them together - your Glue Tape Rollers are (again!) perfect for this as again there is no additional drying time and they are mess free (the paint clean up can be bad enough!)

Now for the last few steps. Glue on some goggly eyes, Glue Dots are perfect for this job as again they are quick and easy for the kids to use (and no sticky fingers on your worktops!) Finally decorate your dragons with anything you like, our little crafters used tissues paper and feathers.

And there you have it, quick and easy and our craft testers loved it. See in the Chinese New Year with these great dragon crafts - If you hurry too theres still £5 off a £25 spend with our discount code HAPPYJANUARY.

A big thank you to our little crafters for these amazing dragons!


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